Uniform and Dress Code Policy

At Tallahassee Classical School, we strive to create an environment where students come together as a community of learners focused on academic excellence and virtuous character to pursue truth, goodness and beauty. Our uniform and dress code policy was developed to encourage an atmosphere where Tallahassee Classical’s virtues will be exemplified. The spirit of the policy is to foster a sense of community and school pride, eliminate distractions in the classroom and on campus, diminish economic and social indicators, and remind students that we are engaged in important work.

Students are required to wear a uniform during school hours and at school sanctioned events unless otherwise specified. Items that differ from the uniform and code specifications will not be accepted. Any medical or religious reasons for adaptations from the uniform and dress code policy must be approved by administration in advance.

Approved Vendors

 Tallahassee Classical has contracted with Lands End as our school uniform provider. To purchase approved uniform shirts, blouses, jumpers, skirts, shorts, pants, etc.; please visit www.LandsEnd.com.


Tallahassee Classical School’s crest and mascot are property of the school and logos cannot be replicated or distributed outside of our approved vendors.

All shirts, blouses, solid colored jumpers, solid colored dresses and outerwear are required to have the approved embroidered logo. Logos on uniform pants, shorts and skirts is preferred but not required.  

Uniform Expectations

Parents are responsible for ensuring that students possess approved uniform items and arrive to school in uniform each day. Students are expected to be clean and well groomed for school. Uniforms must be well maintained and signs of significant wear such as holes and slits must be replaced. All uniform articles should be labeled with the student’s first and last name.

Uniforms should be sized and fitted appropriately; over and undersized uniforms are unacceptable. Tallahassee Classical School hosts a uniform fitting opportunity with Lands End annually to ensure proper uniform sizing.

Violations of the Uniform and Dress Code

Students, parents and staff are expected to be committed and work diligently to uphold the spirit and expectations outlined in the uniform and dress code policy. Faculty and administration will address dress code violations. Interpretations of the policy are left to the discretion of the administration.

If a student is not in compliance with the uniform and dress code requirements, the following consequences may be enforced:

  • 1st Violation- Uniform violation slip sent home to be signed by parent/guardian.
  • 2nd Violation- Parent called to come with appropriate uniform item for student.
  • 3rd Violation- Parent called to come with appropriate uniform item for student and student will be removed from class until the correct item is received.
  • 4th Violation- Administration contacted for further action and discipline referral may be issued.

Uniform Shirts and Bottoms

Students are required to wear the Lands End uniform shirts and bottoms as outlined in the uniform guide. No other uniform vendor is approved.

All girls’ and boys’ polo shirts may have the top button un-buttoned. All other buttons must be buttoned. Shirts and blouses must be tucked in and no undergarments should be visible at the waist or sleeves.

Bottoms (including physical education shorts) may not be shorter than 3” above the knee when standing. This rule applies even when leggings or tights are worn underneath. Bottoms must fit securely around the waist without sagging. 

Girls may wear bike shorts, leggings or tights underneath skirts and dresses. Approved colors are solid black, white and navy. Leggings may have non-distracting, matching accents such as ruffles around the bottom.

Students wearing pants, shorts, etc. with belt loops are required to wear a solid colored belt. Approved colors are brown, black, navy blue and tan. For Kindergartners who struggle with belt buckles, Velcro attach belts are approved. Tallahassee Classical School recommends the Myself Belt: https://www.myselfbelts.com. Purchasing Lands End belts is recommended but not required.


Purchasing Lands End outerwear is recommended but not required. Students may wear their own outerwear (coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, vests, etc.) to school and on the playground. These items must be solid colored and devoid of sayings, phrases, designs, characters, etc. These articles must be removed and properly stored when inside the buildings.  Outerwear such as sweatshirts may not be tied around the waist when not being worn. No outerwear with hoods will be permitted.

Outerwear, worn indoors, must include the Tallahassee Classical logo. If students are cold in the classroom our school buildings, they should wear one of the long sleeve uniform items, or one of the uniform outerwear items. Approved Lands End outerwear may be purchased here www.LandsEnd.com.


 Examples of approved shoe styles can be viewed in the uniform guide. Purchasing Lands End shoes and socks is recommended but not required.

Close-toed shoes must have a secure heel strap or closed heel and be worn at all times. Shoes with a heel/platform must be less than 2 inches tall. Boots must have soft soles and rest below the knee.

Shoes must be solid colored. Approved colors are navy, black, brown, tan and white. Sandals, cowboy boots, bedroom shoes or slippers are not permitted.

Socks must be worn with footwear at all times. Students may wear solid white or navy ankle, crew and knee-high length socks. Green socks may be purchased through Lands End. Socks must be visible without removing shoes. Socks may have non-distracting, matching accents such as ruffles around the top.

Backpacks and Lunch bags

Students may use any backpack and lunch bag if it is clean and tasteful. Backpacks and lunch bags must be a solid color and devoid of characters or distracting designs. Backpacks and lunch bags may be purchased through Lands End.


Hair should be clean, neat and traditionally styled. Hair color must be a natural hair color and non-distracting. No unusual or radical hairstyles are permitted.

Hair accessories must be modest and match the uniform colors. Approved colors include solid navy, black, hunter green, brown, bronze or white. Examples of approved hair accessories can be viewed in the uniform guide. Purchasing Lands End hair accessories (including approved plaid) is recommended but not required.

Bandanas or sunglasses are not permitted. Hats and visors are only allowed during recess and physical education (religious headgear in approved school colors is authorized).

Any noticeable facial hair on boys must be shaved or neatly and traditionally kept.

Other Accessories

Modest jewelry is allowed. An object that has a purpose other than jewelry cannot be worn as jewelry (i.e. chains or collars). Girls may wear no more than two necklaces at one time. Girls and boys may wear one earring per ear on the earlobe, and it must not be larger than a quarter. No stretched piercings (gauge) or other body piercings may be visible. Unobtrusive rings and watches are permitted.  Watches with telephone and Internet capability (i.e. smart watches) are not allowed.

Makeup must look natural and modest. Black nail polish and lipstick are not acceptable.

Tattoos must be covered at all times.

Physical Education 

K-5th grade students will not change out for gym classes. 6-8th grade students will dress according to the approved uniform guide.

Uniforms are required for middle school students enrolled in physical education.  Each uniform must contain one physical education shirt purchased from Lands End and one pair of solid black athletic shorts. Athletic wear may not be worn as part of the regular school uniform.

K-5 girls may wear solid colored bike shorts or leggings underneath their skirt on physical education days. Approved colors are navy, black and white.

Hats and visors may be worn outside of the school building during physical education and recess only.  They must be removed and stored during the rest of the school day.

Non-marking athletic shoes are required for physical education. Shoes with cleats or spikes are not permitted.

Field Trips

Dress for field trips is the Tallahassee Classical green polo shirt with an approved uniform bottom.

Uniform footwear is required.

Field Days

Students may wear an approved Tallahassee Classical School spirit, athletic shirt or uniform shirt for field day activities.  Solid colored denim blue jeans and shorts without rips or designs may be worn. Shorts may not be shorter than 3” above the knee when standing. Approved uniform bottoms are also acceptable. 

Athletic shoes are required.

Uniforms and Financial Assistance

The School will not allow financial need to limit access to Tallahassee Classical School, and this includes access to uniforms. At minimum, the School will fund one complete uniform set for children whose families qualify for financial assistance.

Approved July 15, 2019.