The Core Knowledge Sequence has been widely used across the United States for well over twenty years and is based upon E.D. Hirsch’s concept of cultural literacy, making it the ideal curriculum for a classical school. The sequence was developed to provide comprehensive order to K-8 education, with the intention of training students in the art, literature, science, history, math, and language that form their cultural and intellectual heritage.

The Sequence is a spiraling curriculum, where students in early elementary grades receive a firm but broad understanding of the core subject areas, building a strong foundation for later learning in greater depth. The Sequence provides a grade-by-grade series of topics which build on prior knowledge that is coherent, cumulative, and content-specific.

For additional information about the Core Knowledge Sequence, please visit their website.

Tallahassee Classical School is apart of the Leon County School system and has been given a grade C for the school.

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