Tallahassee Classical School Faculty


Bethany Bland

Jennifer Cruse

Hannah Martin

Donna McGinnis

Racheal Zauche

First Grade

Amy Butler

Megan Cannon

Jessie Greenberg

Emma Jonas

Kenia Reed

Second Grade

Paige Centers

Selen Schaaf

Sarah Whisenhunt

Third Grade

Katie Butler

LaTrice Mathis

Emily Spindler

Fourth Grade

Laurie Graybar

Valeria Wilson-Ortiz

Fifth Grade

Asiya Abdul-Musawwir

April Finney

Abigail Schmidt

Middle School

Emily Guimaraes – English

Kristin Maine – History

Alexandra Stephens – Latin

Tijana Markovic – Math

Jeffrey Fillingim – Science

Co-Curriculars and Exceptional Student Education

Austin Yorke – Art

Melissa Carlson – Music

Cesar Markovic – Physical Education

Shannon Vestal – ESE

Dr. Carolyn McClenny – Speech Pathology

Out of Field

The following teachers are in board-approved positions as out of field teachers for the 2020-2021 school year pursuant to F.S. 1012.42. These teachers meet all of the state requirements to teach in the public schools and are working toward certification in the required subject area.

Asiya Abdul-Musawwir (Elementary Education)

Amy Butler (Elementary Education)

Paige Centers (Elementary Education)

Jennifer Cruse (ESOL)

April Finney (ESOL and Elementary Education)

Jessie Greenberg (Elementary Education)

Emma Jonas (Elementary Education)

Kenia Reed (Elementary Education)