House System

The scholars of Tallahassee Classical School understand that the educational experience that they are offered is a unique privilege. Therefore, we desire that every scholar fully embrace their years of schooling as an Archer.

To enhance this experience, we are delighted to introduce the Archer House System for the 20222023 school year to our seventh through twelfth grade scholars. Our House System splits the Upper School (grades 712) into ten Houses, each of which contains scholars from all Upper School grades. The purpose of the Houses is to provide for a widely dispersed student government, with leadership and ambassadorship opportunities for those who seek them out. With their Houses, scholars plan and execute school events, foster mentoring relationships between various grades, and develop unique traditions. Each House is named after a Latin-named animal of significance in Roman mythology.

Houses compete for points in various events throughout the year and in the Campus Martius (field day) at the end of the year. Scholars also earn points for academic and character awards throughout the year.

When scholars ultimately graduate, they will have had up to seven years of planning and executive experience. If and when they choose to attend college, they will have the practical knowledge of how to begin clubs and associations, which is one of the core features of strong citizenship. The House System, then, is an education in civics because of the habits it encourages and forms.

House Catapult Competition

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