Tallahassee Classical School will use the following software to screen all visitors to our school.  As a software program, Visitor Aware manages visitors, volunteers and PM pick-up.  The primary purpose of Visitor Aware is to ensure the safety of students by securely screening visitors at Tallahassee Classical. 

Visitor Aware screens school visitors and compares them to sexual predator registry lists as well as national and international watch lists.  Visitor Aware will also notify Classical’s Security Resource Officers in real-time when any visitor checks in.  Additionally, it immediately notifies administration and the Security Officer when a flagged, banned, or otherwise restricted visitors attempt to check in.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in implementing the Tallahassee Classical School’s pick-up Please click the following link to preregister your child with Visitor Aware.  Please fill in all requested information as this will create an association with your parent, your child(ren) and their teacher.


Once your visitor account has been created with the school, please follow the instructions below in order to pick-up your child/children.

  • Upon completing the pre-registration proces, your visitor profile will be created and an email containing a 6-8 digit code will be sent to you.  Do not Delete this email. 
  • Download the “Visitor Aware ID Pass” application at the link below and sign in using your 6-8 digit code.
  • When you arrive at the school to pick-up your child/children, open the “Visitor Aware ID Pass” application, then select the “Students” menu.
  • Select “Pick-up All”, or click on the individual student names to let the school know you have arrived to pick-up your child/children.
  • Classical will receive an automatic notification that you have arrived to pick-up your child/children and will bring your child/children to your car.
  • A staff member will scan your Pick-up badge to verify and confirm your ID.
  • Please be prepared to show your government issued ID upon request.