It is the policy of the School that the School has both a duty to protect student records and that all public records made or received in connection with the official business of the school be made available upon request of any person for inspection, examination, and copying in accordance with applicable law and the following policy guidelines:

●     All public records shall be available for inspection or copying under the supervision of the Public Records custodian (or designee) of the public records at reasonable times during normal office hours. All public records that are presently provided by law to be confidential or exempt or prohibited from being inspected by the public, whether by general or special law, are exempt from production.

●     The maximum cost of duplication prescribed by law may be charged and collected before and as a condition to production. The requesting party shall be advised of these costs in advance of the duplication of the requested records.

●   In the absence of a statutory exemption, all public records requested shall be produced regardless of the number of records involved or the time and inconvenience associated with the production. However, in addition to the actual cost of duplication, a special service charge shall be imposed for the cost of the extensive use of information technology resources or of clerical or supervisory personnel, where such extensive use is required because of the nature or volume of public records to be inspected, examined or copied. The requesting party may be given an estimate of the cost before the services are undertaken. Such estimated cost may be collected from the requestor before duplication of the public records. In the event that the actual cost exceeds the estimate, the difference may be collected from the requestor before production of the public records. If the actual cost is less than the estimate, the requestor shall be reimbursed the difference at the time the public records are produced. For purposes of this rule, “extensive” means that it will take more than thirty (30) minutes to identify, locate, compile, review, copy, and re-file the requested records. This service charge shall be computed to the nearest quarter hour exceeding fifteen (15) minutes based on the current rate of pay of the organization employee(s) and/or supervisors who perform these services.

The Public Records custodian is responsible for receiving and responding to public records requests. Please reach out to our Public Records Custodian, Jennings DePriest, with any public records requests at PublicRecords @