Our Location

We are excited to announce the future location of our brand new facility. The property in Southwood faces Tram Road, and we will oversee the pavement of an adjoining access road as part of the school’s construction. This flat, 13.4 acre property will allow us ample access to outdoor space and play areas for our future scholars to enjoy.  It has already been cleared of trees, which will allow us to break ground this fall and complete construction in time for the 2020-21 school year.  The property is ideal for our purposes and will be developed into sports fields, a playground, and an archery range.

 The facility will include a computer lab, science lab, a kiln in the art room, a large music room, a multi-purpose cafetorium, and classrooms specifically designated for special education. Phase I of the facility will be approximately 50,000 sqft. Phase II will start in 2-3 years and be the construction of our high school wing. 

Please note, we do not yet have an address for our facility; this will be assigned at a later date.